From the shoebox

When I bought my first film camera it was a process of trial and error.  I thought in this instance to capture moods, my moods.  And with a couple of rolls of Fuji Provia and Fuji Acros, I took my trusty OM-2n to task.

corner of Harper and Melrose Avenue

film blur of dancing lights

missing the late night bus

outside my window


A foggy night on Melrose Avenue

I took a walk on this foggy night on Melrose Ave with my Contax G2 rangefinder film camera with a 45mm f/2 lens using my favorite film Fuji Acros 1600.

a stretch of Melrose ave at night

It’s a shame Acros 1600 is no longer in production.  It is a versatile film with a sweet grain.

walking along melrose ave at night

Shooting with film is fun and forgiving especially with a simple manual focus SLR.  You’d have to wait to see what develops (no pun intended). But that’s okay because when seeing your prints for the first time, a new world opens up.

an image of storefront business of tequila and wedding dresses

Suddenly those frames come alive with imagined possibilities which helps you strive to become a better photographer.

figurines behind a storefront window

Soon your compositions turn into marvelous stories that can be shared for a very long time.

Color of night

This is Melrose Ave. late night, early morning.  It’s a carnival of lights.

I found my notes: cameras used were a Nikon F2 and Olympus OM-2n and Contax G2 and the film was Fuji Color Pro 800.

Melrose Ave.

Melrose Ave at night was a perfect place for me to shoot film.  Along the storefronts you catch a variety of lighting situations and subjects to capture.  Here are a few of those moments.