Sk8trs gotta skate skate skate

I love the beach and its wonderment .  One of my favorite subjects to photograph are skateboarders. There are plenty of them at the Venice Beach Skate Park.  Here is a collection of skateboarding action I’ve taken in the past.

a poster of the venice beach skate park

a skateboarder attempts to jump over a traffic cone at Venice beach skate park

a young girl skateboards on the boardwalk in Venice Beach california

a skateboarder wearing a colorful jacket at the Venice beach skate park


a skateboarder enjoying the rail



shadow of skateboarder at Venice beach skateboard park

a skateboarder silhouetted by the sunset.

skateboarder fixing the trucks on his skateboard

skateboarder with his dog in Venice

a young woman with a skateboard.

a young man launches from the ramp with his skateboard

A young man jumps in the air with his skateboard

a skateboarder gaining speed before a jump

an onlooker watches a skateboarder make a jump

two teenagers conversing on the venice boardwalk with skateboards

a skateboarder taking a morning ride at the venice boardwalk in california

the iconic venice sign reflected on a water puddle in Venice california













2 thoughts on “Sk8trs gotta skate skate skate

    1. Thank you. I did not use a flash on any of them. Sometimes I’d catch them at the right angle where the sun reflects of the sidewalk or ramp and it fills in some parts.


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