Fun with Filters

Continuing with my fun using a 50mm manual focus Ai lens.  This time having a bit of fun with filters.

one man band on the venice boardwalkviolinist reading his chord chart in Venice boardwalk


8 thoughts on “Fun with Filters

      1. To tell you the truth so am I. There are three choices, the Balboa, the Roxie and the Metro. The first two are active theaters but the Metro is now a gym. When the Equinox Health Club moved in they restored the marquee and it is lit. I think it will be the Metro. I can only do one per night as there is only about 20 minutes of ideal time between sunset and night to photograph. All the theaters have wires in front so they have to be removed in post processing.


      2. Find the best angles and don’t worry about wires. Camp out and just keep snapping ’til the card is full–patience and perseverance rules. Besides, wires are like skin wrinkles–unseemly by some, but embraced by others. HA!


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