Nikon old and new

I’ve found using Nikkor Ai manual focus lenses with a Nikon digital snapper fun to use.  These old style lenses work well with Nikon’s DSLRs as most digital models are F mounts.  Using Nikkor Ai lenses adds a different perspective to taking photographs.  Especially for street photography where manually setting aperture / focal distance and putting your DSLR into manual mode makes it easy to point and snap.

A girl photographer using a canon cameramusicians on the boardwalkValentines day on the boardwalkYou simply point in the general direction and push the shutter.  It’s that easy.  I find setting the aperture to f/8 and focal distance to about 6-7 feet and setting the body to manual mode works best for me.  This set up works best with a 35mm focal length or even using a 50mm lens.


5 thoughts on “Nikon old and new

  1. I am just getting into photography, I have a Nikon, you suggestions are most interesting and helpful. I am a novice … in awe of your beautiful photography.


    1. Thank you so much for your compliment. I believe photography is a most magical medium. Imagine capturing a moment and viewing it on those soft quiet evenings to spark a loving memory as years pass. Enjoy your camera. I’m looking forward to seeing your images.

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      1. I plan to post some very soon, I was at Blue Springs yesterday, there was over 200 manatees in search of warm water. I got some good shots. Thank you Borja!


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