So you’ve hit a wall

Sometimes I feel lacking of something to photograph.  I don’t know what will motivate me to venture out and start snapping. Suddenly I’m facing a wall blocking my way.

a stone wallThis is what I found to get passed it.  Think small.  That is instead of looking around the block for inspiration, look inside your room.  Try macro photography, or still life photography.  Arrange some books and take a snap.  Gather your collection of salt and pepper shakers and play with DOF (Depth of Field).  Play with lighting with a flashlight and long shutter speeds for light painting.  It’s fun. It’s fast. And it makes you better skilled as a photographer.


2 thoughts on “So you’ve hit a wall

  1. The shots you describe in your post are the exact things I did when I embarked on a 365 project a couple of years ago. My soul purpose was to push myself to get better and learn more about photography. I learned a lot during that year and I am glad I did it. Love the detail in this image.


    1. Thanks man. I truly believe as a photographer you strive for inner excellence. It’s what fulfills our yearning of finding wonderful discoveries regardless of our errors and mistakes. I enjoy playing with my cameras. And enjoyment is key. I am delighted to visit your work. I find it inspiring and instructional. Thank you again.


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