Fun with Fuji X100

The latest Fuji X100T is out. Apparently a stack and a half better than original X100.  I own an X100.  It’s a nice little digital snapper.  Gives me what I want.

black and white image of the Venice Bistro in Venice, CA


2 thoughts on “Fun with Fuji X100

  1. The X100T is making me get rather excited and feeling the need to hide my credit card, or even cut it up! My X100 is awesome and I really don’t need to upgrade… well, not yet anyway!


    1. It’s not a bad little snapper, the X100. It is my carry-round camera. This little guy does perform for me and I don’t have any expectations other than my own skill. HA! FULL AUTO! I may have a gripe or two, but hey! I love the images that come out of it. And it’s fun to use. Thank you for the comment.


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