Midnight walkabout

I took these snaps last year.  I tend to snap a lot of images and let them stew in the folders. Then later I’ll browse and rediscover them.  On this batch, I used an 85mm f/1.8 prime lens.

firestone tires sign at night

bills liquors and market

street corner of pico and 14th street

a barber's pole on a storefront


8 thoughts on “Midnight walkabout

    1. Thank you. I had my D800E on manual exposure keeping the settings at 1/60s at F/4.0 with an EV of +0.33. I’d do a quick histogram check and adjust my ISO to get the metering where I want. Shooting with a prime lens does have its advantages, especially with a fast lens like the 85mm f/1.8D. With those settings I can easily hand hold my camera without need of a tripod, or monopod.


      1. I am going to do some walking on your behalf tomorrow – firework night with students. I would offer you to take the puppies (since I don’t have my own) but I am not sure that the air fare will be reasonably priced this time of the year…


      2. Thank you for the walking about…I’d love to see your fireworks. As for my pupps, they are venturing off tonight for some night time street lights and groovy headlamps. HA! What camera kit are you taking with you tomorrow? Have fun!


      3. Gee I hope the little guy is feeling better. There will always be fireworks. When I found my right rear tire flat, there was fireworks…the car was parked tight to the curb. Be well.


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