From the shoebox

When I bought my first film camera it was a process of trial and error.  I thought in this instance to capture moods, my moods.  And with a couple of rolls of Fuji Provia and Fuji Acros, I took my trusty OM-2n to task.

corner of Harper and Melrose Avenue

film blur of dancing lights

missing the late night bus

outside my window


8 thoughts on “From the shoebox

    1. Binge watching the Gilmore Girls will do that to ya. 🙂 I suppose at that time my aspirations of becoming a Magnum photographer was buzzing in my head, that or being the next Glen Friedman. I took two photography classes and I was loaded for bear. I found solace from the 9-5 grind by going out on walks after work looking for something that would catch my eye or spark my imagination to capture that moment. It was exciting for me and still is to just walk into the night with my cameras. During those times there is usually a song playing in my head or a fragment of a melody that seem to fit. I have a huge playlist. HA! Thank you for your comment.


      1. Sadly, no diner. But I do cook up a mean Fusilli with a nice creamy vodka sauce. I just started learning how to bake bread, so bread sticks will be my raison d’etre and eventually be on the menu. HA!


      2. HA! I’m not sure I could display my breadstick baking prowess in this forum. But I’ll keep walking perhaps to chance upon that one quintessential moment…ya never know! Why else do we carry cameras? Thank you for your comments–I totally dig ’em.


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