The beauty of transparency film

When I started using 35mm film cameras it amazed me the selections of film to choose from.  There was Kodak, Fuji, AGFA, Ilford, Rollei, Arista, Fomopan and others.  Eventually I figured out which type of film and sensitivity would give me the results I wanted.  In this instance I was shooting with Fujichrome Provia 400X.  After playing around with my OM-2n and transparency film I’d set my meter to 1/2 stop under exposure to get the results that for me was about richness in color and deeper contrast.

martin guitar leaning against the wall

ensconced light fixture

Once I got a handle of my camera and film it was time to head out with the resulting beauty of transparency film.

a street lamp covered by fog on a street corner

a back alley in west hollywood in twilight