Black & White Film

I’m no expert of film, but I know what I like.  Black & White images have a visually immense impact for me.  There are things that catch your eye quickly, and then, there are things in the shadows.

A crystal ball atop a bed of crystals
Kodak Tri-X 100 — Nikon F4 w/ 16mm “Fisheye” f/2.8D

I think it’s a forgiving medium to start out with when first shooting with film.  It certainly is impressive when it turns out the way you saw it and equally so when you print it.

A ceiling light with ornate housing
Fuji Neopan 1600 — Olympus OM-2n w/ Zuiko 35~70mm f/3.3 lens

For me Black & White film gives you more freedom to capture the things that appeals to your eye.  There is no distraction that color film inadvertently has, having to think twice before composing a shot.

Window shopping along the sunset strip of Mercedes with Hustler reflected off window
Kodak T-max 400 — Contax G2 w/ Zeiss 45mm f/2

It’s either there, or not with Black & White film and not a moment wasted pressing the shutter.  Decisions become instantaneous and soon those images translate easily and profoundly.

A park meter wrapped in plastic in the middle of the night
Fuji Neopan 400 — Nikon f2 w/ Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI

However,  do dress appropriately.


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