Making an effort

I’m taking a class on Street Photography.  A group of students meet up as the instructor barks out the do’s and don’t’s of photographing people unaware.  We’re then told to set our cameras to f/8 aperture, adjust ISO to 200 with a focal length of 35mm and zone focus at about six feet–give or take an inch.

worker taking a break for lunchI’m taking the class to enhance my skills as a photographer with authoritative guidance from a professional.  Which I find is far better than reading blogs of “How-to’s.”  There are plenty of them.

a woman on the pier carefully steps off a benchSo now I’ve immersed myself into this medium of photography with a cautious mindset.  Hey, it’s Los Angeles, the land of paparazzi and tanning salons.

a teenager turns facing the lens on the pierBut what I’m really thinking is, “I should be using film.”