About film

I believe shooting film is the purist form of photographic artistry.  To me film is most forgiving to amateurs, and a strong ally to professionals.

perspective askew photo of a Goodyear blimp mooring on a lamp post
35mm Fuji film transparency of the Goodyear Blimp crossing past a lamp-post.

Not to take away from the current technology of digital cameras.  But for people who love to take pictures,  try shooting with film a couple of times. ..before the media becomes extinct.

a three quarter moon slowly descends in the morning
35mm Kodak Porta 400 color negative film of a descending moon in the morning.

It’s a marvel to see what’s been captured on film whether intentional or not.  Simply because you have a moment to pause during the process and to see the things you might have overlooked.

My dog before a mirror seeing himself for the first time
Fuji Color Pro 400 color negative film of my dog fixing his makeup for a photo shoot.

And maybe find yourself looking at things differently as you head out for your next photo adventure.


One thought on “About film

  1. After all these years and I still find the whole process, from the taking to developing to the printing or scanning, to be magical. Film photography gives my life a way of slowing down and, somehow, a therapy.

    I totally agree with your words.


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