A Night of lunar madness

It was a full moon the other night.  I took advantage of the lighting and snapped a few pics with my Fuji X100.


2 thoughts on “A Night of lunar madness

  1. I sold a dear kit, a Contax G2 with the awesome G35mm lens, to get an X100. The image quality of the X100 is impressive. The behavior at high ISO is also impressive, the colors are beautiful even without any editing and on top of that it has that f2 lens.
    It is a seductive lady.


    1. I sympathize parting with a G2 and lens. I have two Contax G2s with Zeiss lenses of 28, 45, and 90mm. I hope you enjoy the X100 especially with the latest firmware update. Focusing in low light is greatly improved and color saturation is more vibrant.


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