The after-GLOW

I swear this is the last of the GLOW puns.  So here’s what I thought were funny moments that night at GLOW in Santa Monica.

I noticed (afterward going through my image files) there was a young woman on a bicycle trudging uphill wearing stilettos.

a girl going uphill on bike wearing stilettosLater that night I saw a streak of light fly past me.  I wasn’t sure what it could be until I turned and noticed a young woman tossing a javelin made with glow-sticks.

girl with javelin made of glow sticksWhat a night.  As I made my way home I thought the night was complete until I saw…Jesus wearing a pair of John Varvatos holding a Ketel One screwdriver cocktail walking on Ocean Ave.  Party On!

a man dressed as Jesus walking in Santa Monica