My Olympus OM-2n

I took this photo in Santa Monica with my trusty OM-2n with 50mm f/1.4 lens.  I bought this camera on Ebay for about $100 and it came with a very scruffy lens.  But I was so excited to take it out and start taking pictures, that I forgot to load in the film.  Well the sun was sinking fast and luckily I did bring a roll of Fuji color 400, loaded up, and quickly braced myself to catch the last remaining rays of sunset.  It was at the moment I pushed the shutter that  a car pulled into the parking lot with its headlights on.  I wasn’t sure if my first shot was good so I quickly adjusted and took another shot this time taking advantage of the car’s headlights.  A simple camera that takes beautiful photographs.

a twilight image of an orange drinking fountain at the edge of a bike path in Santa Monica california